Event Schedule

About the Day: The majority of time is spent in large groups in interesting, and engaging general talks about cyber security in the cloud and on devices, user centered design, highlights of local tech businesses, and war stories. You will also have the opportunity to connect with your area of specialization peers during innovative break out sessions. The TAG Tech Summit will have leaders in these field reporting, presenting and connecting with YOU all day. This conference will make you more effective in your job and enhance your skills that relate directly to your roles at work.

Check out what happened last year on the 2016 schedule below and come back soon for more details about the 2017 TAG Tech Summit.

Join us for a tour of Bellingham tech companies!

Join us for a kick-off event with a networking party and pre-conference celebration at the Bellingham National Bank Building in Downtown Bellingham. There will be food, drinks and live music.

Continental Breakfast and Registration

Register for the day and enjoy a continental breakfast. In the Main Conference Room.

Meg Weber

A welcome to the conference and a quick discussion regarding cyber risk in Washington state. In the Main Conference Room.

Meg Weber

What is the internet of things and how does it relate to innovation in our region? Join David Veith from Amazon Web Services as he discusses a real life application of IoT with a Seattle beehive project. Explore how the internet of things can help to create a collaborative work and community cultu

Dave Veith

Innovation has long been accelerated by the immense benefits of information sharing and collaboration. While this will, without a doubt, remain the case, the Western innovation environment is unprepared for the modern threat environment. A system originally built with the idea of information sharing and rapid advancement must be tempered, unfortunately, in the name of protection in the face of nation-sponsored IP theft programs.

Evan Anderson

Find out what the current trends are in cyber security prosecution and what you can do to safeguard against these threats. Join Tim Wallach of the FBi as he discusses this and what you can expect for the future of cyber security.

Tim Wallach

Learn about an innovative new approach to cyber threats-namely taking the offensive stance in national security efforts.

Julian Rrushi

Hear a true story of a local HIPPA breach. Mike Almivg from Skagit County will talk with us about what happened when they faced a breach and the best practices to use when facing this difficult time. He will also lead us on what steps to take to recover from something like this and guidance on how to prevent it in the future.

Mike Almvig

Join a panel of the leaders in discussion current trends, immediate future threats and forecasting of what’s next. Moderated by Jon Yeoh (Cloud Security Alliance). With Shannon J. Smith, Julian Rrushi (Western Washington University).

Jon Yeoh

15 Minute Break.

Tech Track in Main Conference Room, C-Suite Track in Garden Room, Leadership Track in the Admiral Room, Compliance Track in the Compass Room.

Panel: Our Talent Pipeline: Cyber Security Education, Talent Recruitment & Retention . Moderated by Meg Weber with Kris Rides, Janice Walker, Brad Johnson and Barbara Endicott Popovsky. Join leaders in the fields of talent recruitment and cyber security as they discuss what our local institutions are doing to create a strong talent pipeline in these needed career fields. Find out what they are planning in the next 2-10 years and how we, as an industry can support them. In the Main Conference Room.

Kris Rides

What is flow computing and how is computing changing? Join Mark Anderson, known for having the best prediction accuracy record in the technology industry as he discusses the benefits of looking at computing as it flows and what it means in terms of our understanding of human intellect.

Mark Anderson

In the past decade, Big Data has gone from a buzzword to an essential factor in almost every industry -- from ecommerce to cybersecurity, from transportation to agriculture. In this in-depth panel discussion, we'll explore what Big Data means in 2016. We'll help you make sense of Big Data cacophony -- underscoring the differences between data mining and data science, between artificial intelligence and machine learning, between deep learning and neural networks. And we'll discuss how you can help your business optimally benefit from the science and engineering behind Big Data.

Brent Hurtig

15 Minute Break.

Tech Track in Main Conference Room, C-Suite Track in Garden Room, Leadership Track in the Admiral Room, Compliance Track in the Compass Room.

Wrap Up in the Main Conference Room.

Matthew Dunn

Networking and Cocktails in the lobby of the Main Conference Room.

Tech Track Session 1: Hacking Realities, Security Measures and Threats.

Hacking Realities, Security Measures and Threats. Moderator: (Shay Colson) The focus will be on exploring current threat and hacking realities. Discussion about advanced threats, vulnerabilities, exploitations, reverse engineering and the growing underground reality. Participants will come away with actionable steps to aid in combatting these developments. With panelists John Somm of Juniper Networks and Lincoln Lee of PhishMe. In the Main Conference Room.

Shay Colson

To Cloud, to In-House or To Blended? Development Stack Options and Innovation. Moderator: Gabe Martin (ER). Infrastructure choices and the development lifecycle. How data management choices impact security and development infrastructures. In the Main Conference Room.

Gabe Martin
Leadership Track Session 1: How to Inspire a Culture of Continuous Innovation and Entrepreneurship

How to Inspire a Culture of Continuous Innovation and Entrepreneurship with Britt Fero. The focus will be on how leaders can inspire and catalyze innovation between teams in their organizations. How to retain, develop and enrich your talent pool. In the Admiral Room. Hosted by Britt Fero.

Britt Fero

ERROR 404: Women Not Found. A talk about empowering diversity in tech career paths led by Jacqueline Calapristi of Conversica. In the Admiral Room.

Jacqueline Calapristi
C-Suite Round Table Discussion: Recruiting and Retaining a Leadership Team that Works

Recruiting and Retaining a Leadership Team that Works. Hosted by Brent Hurtig of Motive Search and Kris Rides of Tiro Security. In the Garden Room.

Brent Hurtig

Session Two: Thought Leadership Session. Moderator: Mark Anderson. What’s next for the future of computing, brain inspired research and visioning for technology’s future. Join your CXO colleagues for an inspirational, future-casting conversation about the future of tech. In the Garden Room.

Mark Anderson
Compliance Track Session 1: It Takes All Hands on Deck: HIPPA Breach, Lessons Learned.

Compliance Track Session 1: It Takes All Hands on Deck: HIPPA Breach, Lessons Learned, Best Practices and the Response Process hosted by Mike Almvig. In the Compass Room.

Mike Almvig

Compliance Track Session 2: What's Really Happening Out There and What Are My Responsibilities? A conversation with FBI Cyber Crimes' Tim Wallach. In the Compass Room.

Tim Wallach